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There are two parts to this page.  The first is for the players.  The second is for parents.

Playing Time Ė What Should I Expect and How do I Get More of It? (for players)

            Nobody comes out for football for the joy of practicing.  It is a physically demanding sport that requires a higher ratio of practice time to playing time than most team sports.  And, while practice is a great time to bond with your teammates, the prize for working so hard is playing in a game.  So, how do you get (earn) playing time?

            Playing time is sportís version of a pay check.  If you work hard and do everything your supposed to do, youíll get a raise (more playing time).  If you do the bare minimum, you wonít get a raise, or may even a pay cut (less playing time).  Initially, those people who get the most playing time will probably be those who worked hardest in the off-season.  The coaches will know them the best and will have developed trust in them.  It will take time for coaches to get to know and trust those who havenít been around as much.  If you think youíve been working hard and havenít gotten the playing time you deserve, you should ask for it (just like asking for a raise).  The coaches will listen, but they will also tell you exactly what theyíve see from you.  Generally, if you care enough to ask, a coach will try to give you a shot.  At that point, though, itís up to you to produce.

            Freshmen should expect to start either offense or defense in every freshman game.  That is the only guarantee, though.  If you donít perform you may not get much playing time after that first series.  Play well and you could end up seeing some JV playing time.  All freshmen, regardless of playing time in JV or varsity games, will play in freshman games.  It is important to the program for each class to play as a unit on the underclass levels.  Is there any other sport where you are guaranteed a starting spot?  What you do with it is up to you.

            Sophomores should expect to start either offense of defense in every JV game.  Just like the freshmen, sophomores have no guarantee beyond starting.  You must perform once youíre given the opportunity.  Again, is there any other sport where you are guaranteed a starting spot?  What you do with it is up to you.

            There are no playing time guarantees for juniors and seniors.  Varsity playing time is performance based.  Vacant spots will be filled with the player who will help the team the most (and has earned it), regardless of age.  While earning a black jersey may earn you a spot on the Varsity team, it doesnít necessarily earn you a spot on the field.  But, those who work hard will always beat out someone of similar talent and skill level who didnít put in the extra time to improve.  Black jerseys make it pretty obvious who is most deserving.

Freshmen and sophomores who earn a black jersey should understand that the rewards for their hard work is the varsity uniform they get to wear, the pasta meals they get to eat, and the enjoyment of being part of the varsity squad.  There should be no expectation of varsity playing time from freshmen and sophomores, no matter the score of the varsity games.  Varsity starters must play a significant portion of every game to fine tune their skills and the skill of the unit as a whole.  Since varsity games are the only chance for juniors and seniors to play, non-starting juniors and seniors will probably play the remainder of any game in which the starting units are brought out.  Any playing time that a freshman or sophomore receives at the varsity level should be considered "icing on the cake."  


Playing Time and Other Parental Concerns  (for the parents)

The following playing time issues are discussed at the August parents' meeting:

  1. All freshmen will start one-way in freshmen games.  All sophomores will start one-way in junior varsity games.  Any positions not filled by one-way starters in those games will be filled with the player who will give the team the best chance at success, regardless of the player's age.  
  2. On the varsity level, those who worked hardest in the off-season will get the first look, but the best will play, regardless of age. Being the most talented does not always equate to "being the best."  
  3. If your son is not getting enough playing time (his opinion, or yours?)?
    bulletDoes he know why not?  Did he ask why not?
    bulletDid your son ask for more playing time (beginning with special teams)?
    bulletDoes he understand / have you discussed with him that this is a team game and that being part of the team, not individual accomplishment, is the most important thing.
    bulletPlaying time is not a parental issue.  It is a player/coach issue. 
  4. Parents should be supportive of all members of the team (coaching staff included).  Nothing hurts morale and the team as a whole more than vocal second guessing and criticism (at games or at home).
  5. Meeting with a coach (typically the player will be required to attend this meeting):
    bulletSet up a time to meet with the head coach and athletic director.
    bulletPlaying time will never be discussed because it inevitably becomes personal ("My son is better than the other kid." - and that's not fair to either young man.)
    bulletThe first question will usually be "has your son discussed this with a captain or a coach?"